Inellectual Property Cooperation

Taishan Online was established in December 2007. We pay high attention to intellectual property rights to protect legitimate interests. While innovating technology and exploring the market, we also build comprehensive protection for our intellectual property through patent applications, trademark registrations, software copyright registrations, and URL registrations.


Taishan Online focuses on the research of optical motion recognition technology and gets patents for key technologies in the image recognition and processing fields. Our technology uses a unique field frame difference algorithm to precisely detect the target with a normal image sensor to significantly reduce the cost of production so that it’s feasible to popularize a low-cost optical motion recognition technology for public use.


Based on key technologies, Taishan Online integrates IC design, optical lens design, user interface, games, motion-sensing controls, and software development. We not only provide Idong’s motion-sensing sports console to build an online gym in the living room for public fitness, but also perfect the B2B technology.


As our intellectual property increases along with continuous innovation, we wholeheartedly look forward to close cooperation for IP operation, protection, and development with professional IP agencies and technology partners.

For IP operational agencies, like IP exchanges, IP auction houses, and independent IP operational organizations, we welcome to cooperate in IP licensing, transferring, pledging, and financing.


With regards to IP protection organizations, like the IP rights center and the IP infringement lawsuit team, we welcome to cooperate in infringement investigations and rights protection.


As for IP development organizations, like independent IP operational teams and technological partners, we welcome to cooperate in new technology and product development based on our patented technologies.

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