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Technical Principles

The main principle of our technology falls into two parts: position acquisition and posture recognition.


1.Position Acquisition


The TOL sensor uses the theory of binocular vision to locate the object. As illustrated in the figure below, when the object P is shot by two cameras from different positions, the sensor gets P’s coordinates from the two pictures and calculates the three dimensional coordinates through the resulting triangle.


2.Posture Recognition


Our approach finds out the position of multiple parts of the body, such as the head, hands, arms, shoulders, thighs, crotch, feet, etc. and connects them together to recognize all kinds of movements and postures.

Detailed Steps:

(1) Confirmation of movement track

We take multiple consecutive pictures of the target, figure out the three-dimensional coordinates of the target at each time point, and then connect all the coordinates chronologically to generate the moving track.

(2)Confirmation of the action

The moving tracks are summed up as multiple actions through some preset classifiers.

(3)Generation of the command

Each action is mapped to a command. When the action of one track is confirmed, the associated command will be executed.


Technology Introduction


Our human-machine interactive technology includes:

Products: Idong sensor, Idong200 module, and Idong100 module.

Technologies: Anysense, air mouse, hand gesture control, set-top box, 3D game console, electronic white board, smart toy.



Our technology has many features including optical recognition, multi-point location, passive control, low power consumption, driver-free installation, etc. It can achieve high-speed image collection and processing, three-dimensional data reconstruction, and real scene recreation. The location precision is 2 millimeters when the identified point is within 5 meters.


AnySense Functions



AnySense Kit Contents


Precise and easy-to-use air mouse

-            High precision (proven by scientific experiments).

-            Easy to use (automatic initialization without code verification, durability, and reliability).


Standard audio and video functions

-            HD camera (with compression function).

-            Microphone array (with functions of noise deduction, echo cancellation, and remote input).


Simplified system with low cost

-            Simplified hardware system (main frame: single chip and single interface; controller: simple and mature).

-            Low cost (at least 30% lower than that of traditional MEMS).



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